Yale Cancer Center carefully invests funds to launch new areas of cancer research. Current funding opportunities are listed below.

Call for Poster Abstracts: 2019 Yale Cancer Center Annual Retreat Poster Awards

Yale Cancer Center (YCC) will hold its Annual Retreat on Thursday, May 16th, 2019. This year, we invite trainees engaging in cancer research to a poster session describing their cancer-relevant work. Space is limited, please submit one abstract no later than April 3rd. 

Submit abstracts to https://yalecancercenter.submittable.com/submit 

Four prize recipients will be selected from among the applicants. Poster Awards will be given in the following categories: 1) Basic Science and Computational Research, 2) Translational Research, 3) Clinical Research, 4) Population Science, Prevention and Outcomes Research. Winners will be announced towards the end of the retreat and each awardee will receive an award certificate as well as a prize.


· Current Yale pre- and postdoctoral associates, postdoctoral fellows, residents, and clinical fellows

· Undergraduate and graduate students

· Abstract submission must be approved by the mentor or lab PI

Abstract Submission Guidelines:

· Abstracts should be 300 words or less, and may include one figure

· The deadline for abstract submission is April 3, 2019 at 5:00pm EST

· Please submit your application through https://yalecancercenter.submittable.com/submit

Attendance Requirements for Poster Presenters:

  • All presenters and mentors/PI must be registered as conference attendees in order to present at the annual retreat, and must be present during the entire poster session. If the primary author is not available during the      scheduled presentation time, a co-author may present the poster in his/her place.
  • A presenter is REQUIRED to be stationed at the poster for the duration of the poster presentation session (during designated poster session time).
  • Poster setup is 7:30am – 8:30AM on May 16. Arrangements can be made for YCC staff to set up the poster on your behalf ahead of time if needed
  • Posters will be displayed for the duration of the annual retreat 

Poster Board Guidelines:

Poster Dimensions:

· Poster size may not exceed 3 feet 6 inches [107 cm] across and 3 feet, 6 inches [107 cm] high.

· Must be mounted on FOAM BOARD (tripods will be provided)

Poster Board Content:

The poster should include the following elements:

  • Overview: A succinct summary of the purpose, methods and results. Use phrases rather than sentences in a simple outline format.
  • Introduction: A concise statement of the objective and background of the work.
  • Methods:  Describe the experimental design, and explain how the results were analyzed.
  • Results: Use graphs, spectra, charts and pictures with a minimum of text to illustrate results.
  • Conclusions: Concise statement of the findings indicating future research directions.

Questions please contact christine.holmberg@yale.edu 


Yale Cancer Center announces a competition for the 2019 V Foundation Translational Award 

Nomination Limitation: Yale University may nominate ONE candidate for the V Translational Award.

Yale Cancer Center Internal Deadline: Monday, April 1, 2019 (5pm EST). Please apply electronically at https://yalecancercenter.submittable.com/submit


  • A $600,000 grant awarded in three annual installments of $200,000. Indirect costs up to 10% are permitted (i.e., over the grant term, a maximum of $60,000 can be utilized for indirect costs leaving $540,000 for direct costs)
  • This award seeks to support translational research projects within the scope of adult cancer research. Translational projects should move a novel strategy from the laboratory into a human clinical trial or use specimens from a clinical trial to develop biomarkers or mechanisms. The research should apply in some direct way to human beings within the time frame of less than 3 years. If biomarker research is undertaken, a validation set or independent clinical trial is essential. A plan for biomarker validation, if applicable, must be included in any proposal. The endpoint of the project should be the planning or initiation of a new clinical trial.
  • Any area of adult cancer research is permitted. While not required, research on the biological bases of cancer disparities experienced by patients from minority ethnic or racial populations in areas related to causes, aggressiveness, treatment or relapse is encouraged. Cancers in which ethnic and racial disparities have previously been demonstrated include: lung and bronchus, colon and rectum, breast, prostate, uterine, cervix, stomach, and liver. In the disparities area, at least one of the highest ranked applications will be designated as the recipient of a Stuart Scott Memorial Cancer Research Fund Translational Research Award. 


  • must be the lead Principal Investigator (PI) on the Translational research team and must meet all of the following criteria: 
  • Either a US Citizen or have a legal permit (temporary or permanent) to work in the US. Not applicable to Canadian institutions. 
  • Hold a tenure-track faculty position. Non-promotable, adjunct, affiliated, temporary, part-time or acting faculty positions are not eligible for Principal Investigator nomination to lead the Translational Research Team.


  1. A brief description of your proposed research project (two-page maximum). Applications should be 11-pt Arial, Helvetica, or TNR font; margins no less than 0.5 inch all around. Literature citations do not count against this page limit.
  2. NIH Biographical sketch for PI(s)

APPLY HERE by 5pm April 1st  https://yalecancercenter.submittable.com/submit

If your project is nominated by Yale Cancer Center, you are expected to submit a full application by May 30, 2019.

For scientific inquiries, please contact edward.kaftan@yale.edu or roy.herbst@yale.edu

For information regarding application instructions, please contact christine.holmberg@yale.edu